More Than Coding

Because machines still need humans


My name is Brian Kelly, and I’m a software professional in the Boston area. brian-kelly 2

This blog focuses on the human aspects of software engineering and how the worlds of machine and man can better be bridged.

Most of my career has been spent creating distributed systems. I worked for a number of years building middleware products for IONA Technologies. I was the VP of Engineering at TimeTrade Systems and led their transition to a microservices architecture, and I helped build microservices infrastructure software for I also write about software for The Huffington Post.

Currently I’m the VP of Engineering at Conjur, where we create products that add much-needed security and access management to the ever-changing landscape of DevOps tools and cloud systems.

The banner image above is from the classic science fiction movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s the moment when the astronaut Dave Bowman begins to shut down the ship’s HAL 9000 computer because it has gone haywire and killed some of the ship’s crew.

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