Like it or not, your samples will go into production

Several years back, my colleagues at IONA shipped some product samples with a new version of the Orbix product to demonstrate how to use encryption and other security features. We used some self-signed SSL certificates that would expire a few years after the product's ship date, and in the documentation we clearly specified that those … Continue reading Like it or not, your samples will go into production

SaaS means “No excuses”

The phenomenal increase in free and pay-per-usage SaaS offerings in recent years has made it so insanely simple to build new websites starting only with…well, starting with absolutely nothing. In the old days (cue Abe Simpson voice), developing and deploying a new website required the purchase of actual servers, or at least the rental of … Continue reading SaaS means “No excuses”

Yes, your stupid feature is still a bug

Your users are complaining about an unusable feature in your product. It's so unintuitive and impossible to understand that they are calling it a "bug" in many angry emails to your support staff. When the discussion reaches a coder, the issue suddenly gets reclassified as a "badly-designed, but correctly functioning feature". Out of nowhere, they … Continue reading Yes, your stupid feature is still a bug

A Fake Google Interview

Imagine an engineer being interviewed at Google: "Have you seen our website?" "Oh sure, I've been to" "Do you know what we do here?" "Something about searching, I think. You do some advertising too, right?" That's a ludicrous scenario only because Google is so well-known. Everyone interviewing there nowadays knows exactly what their website … Continue reading A Fake Google Interview