Want to write better user stories? Stop using “can”.

Feature Factories are dangerous things. You might even work in one and don't realize it yet. Here's a test: if your team built something 6 months ago and you've no idea if anyone is using it, or if anyone even finds it valuable, you may well work in a Feature Factory. If a new hotel … Continue reading Want to write better user stories? Stop using “can”.

Software estimation is your most costly activity. Why not reduce it?

If your first reaction to this article's title was to think of other activities in software that are more expensive than estimation, that's ok! There are probably plenty of expensive things you are doing like sending large bags of money to AWS each month. However, the title says "most costly" and not "most expensive". Estimation … Continue reading Software estimation is your most costly activity. Why not reduce it?

Understanding Software Engineering Job Titles

The world of professional software engineering is full of titles and grades. Employers use job titles as a means to help them build new teams with the right mix of talent, attract the right caliber of candidates when hiring, create attractive career paths and assist with compensation planning. However, many companies assign titles differently, making … Continue reading Understanding Software Engineering Job Titles

A Fake Google Interview

Imagine an engineer being interviewed at Google: "Have you seen our website?" "Oh sure, I've been to goggles.com." "Do you know what we do here?" "Something about searching, I think. You do some advertising too, right?" That's a ludicrous scenario only because Google is so well-known. Everyone interviewing there nowadays knows exactly what their website … Continue reading A Fake Google Interview

The Greatest Software Stories Ever Told

There are thousands of software books out there, from almanacs about assembly language to volumes about Visual Basic. Most of them are dry, encyclopedic tomes that are about as entertaining to read as a dictionary. For the most part, the lifeless character of software books is an understandable consequence. After all, how many ways are … Continue reading The Greatest Software Stories Ever Told